AUN-ASA is a pool of academic experts from leading universities in ASEAN, a complete set of teaching materials for ASEAN Studies, e-learning and m-learning free resources, evaluation framework, and quality standards framework.
ASEAN University Network (AUN) is the first to develop "ASEAN Studies" into a full-scale, systematic and all-embracing teaching and learning materials for the undergraduate foundation course.

Under our AUN-ASA section, you can find:

  • The current AUN ASEAN Studies foundation course which consists of;
    - History of ASEAN
    - Regionalism
    - Introduction to ASEAN
    - Shared Identity
    - Human Development (Focus on Education and Human Resources Development)
    - Civil Society
    - Environment
    - Economic Competitiveness
    - Historical Development in ASEAN Economic Integration
    - Challenges and Benefits of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
    - ASEAN Security Cooperation
    - Political Development
    - ASEAN and Human Rights
    - Peace and Conflict Management
    - Human Rights (women and Children rights/ freedom of expression and related constraints)
    - Transnational Crimes and Terrorism
    - Migration and Human Trafficking in ASEAN
    - Cultural Identity
    - Popular Culture
    - ASEAN and Beyond/ ASEAN External Relations
    - Country Position Towards AEC
  • A pool of academic resources and experts includes a group of senior experts who developed Study Companion (Study Companion) from 5 ASEAN countries and a group of lecturers from 10 universities in 6 ASEAN countries who were trained by experts and have potential to conduct an ASEAN Studies Course at their respective university.
  • Supporting system including;
    - ASEAN Studies webpage ( which is the center of connection that provides free access to the course and related resources for ASEAN Studies.
    - ASEAN Studies Expert Directory which is the list of academic resources and experts in ASEAN Studies.
    - AUN Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) system which will ensure the standard of teaching and learning at programme level.

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